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PSG is a third generation family owned and operated leading independent glass company, devoted to the design and manufacturing of both common and complex glass products. We offer nation wide supply only, design services, technical support, information on innovative features, management and installation packages, and maintenance. Our ability to take a project from it’s inception to completion, in-house, separates us from our competition. Our simple philosophy is “Do what you say you are going to do”.

Simple words, but powerful work ethic !

Due to our independent status we are able to offer a fantastic array of glass products and glazing solutions, using major brands such as Pilkington, Saint Gobain, AGC (Glaverbel), and Guardian Industries.

Today we can proudly say that PSG’s performance over the last 4 decades has earned it the highest level of customer confidence and satisfaction.

Please browse our website to see the innovative and high quality range of products we can offer you.